About Me


Welcome to Two Nine Media.

You are probably wondering about the strange name, huh?  Well, the “two” is because I’m a twin and my shoe size is a “nine”.  I was born “second” so that is why I say “two”. But, now you’re probably wondering why I’m evening mentioning my shoe size of “nine”.  It’s because my shoe size is the smallest in my family.  Yep! I have the smallest shoe size and I know a size 9 is not small. So, that is how I came up with the name:

My goal is to talk photography, film, makeup, special effects and basically how we capture this world. I see patterns and layers all around me and smartphones and cameras have allowed me to take these things I see with me and REALLY look at them. God’s world is beautiful and amazing.

I hope you will find my tips and pointers interesting and helpful. It’s my goal to help anyone out there that wants to learn along with me.

Keep in touch!