Outdoor Photography in Katy Texas

I got an interesting job the other day using my camera for this water utility company in katy texas. If you live in near Houston, Texas then you know where Katy is. Photography outdoors is really fun because you can use natural lighting. And, if the client doesn’t mind when you take the pictures then you can pick the best time of the day. Score!

What made this job so uneventful was that it was a water utility company. But, a really great company of that! They are always praised in Texas Monthly magazine each year as a great company to work for and they are a family-owned business.

I decided to take my tripod on this trip because I just bought a new one. Sometimes switching things up can be good.  Keeps a photographer fresh.


Switching things up… I went shopping the other day to take a hard look at buying a new camera bag. I walked away undecided because there were several that I could buy. So, let me show you three I really, really liked and then one that I’ve known about online but have never personally handled but one day plan to buy because it is too cool!

(Note: NO AFFILIATE LINKS… I just linked you to Amazon because they do a good job with price and listing all the nitty-gritty details)

(1) Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR

This one was very comfortable when I tried it on and I could easily see myself climbing and walking and not worrying about it falling off my shoulder. All the compartments met my lens count so you have to plan which lens you take on your shoot.

Click here to see it on Amazon


(2) Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

I like this one because it had a place for my laptop and tripod.

Click here to see it on Amazon





(3) ONA – The Union Street – Camera Messenger Bag

Okay… this is more of a “dream bag” because it’s pricey! But man! It’s gorgeous! It feels awesome and looks great! You have to go see it for yourself.

Click here to see it on Amazon


And now for the backpack that someday I want to try out. You have to see the video. The swing arm looks super cool – https://www.paxispax.com/



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