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When you tell people you are a photographer it’s natural the next question that comes out of their mouth is “Are you a wedding photographer?”. Yep! I get that all. the. time. No problem! I really don’t mind. Even though I prefer to take pictures of still objects, I will do weddings from time to time. It just depends on the venue and location.

Which leads me to share something I have learned when photographing weddings: Outdoor weddings are best! Some photographers would disagree with me as sunlight can cast all sorts of shadows, but that is easily fixed with reflector discs and an assistant.

Indoor weddings can have all sorts of lighting issues, in my opinion. However, it really depends on the venue. Yes, yes, yes… I can use my flash, photoshop, but I think nothing beats natural lighting.

For instance look at this outdoor wedding on the left. No flash was needed. Now, look at the one on the right. Yuck! (pictures not by me)


These images came from

And, actually this place is a beautiful facility and I highly recommend it for a wedding venue!

But, let’s get back to the photography tip…

(1) If the wedding is between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm then you want to have your reflector discs ready. You will definitely need them.

(2) If the wedding is indoors then sure to have your flash fully charged and bring a backup. If you can open windows and turn on lights. I know that is hard as many brides want a soft romantic setting and the lights dim. This is especially true for evening weddings.

(3) Just get ready to edit like crazy! Weddings are a one-shot event so you’ll spend probably as much time taking pictures as you will editing them. (This is why I like still shots because I can take my time with lighting and angles and get a picture that may just need cropping, but not a lot of touch-ups.)

Let me not discourage you when it comes to taking weddings… just remember LIGHTING IS KEY AND YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE! Wedding photography is great money!

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